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Linux – iconv – Change File Encoding

When parsing HTML, the HTML(korean site) may be euc-kr or utf-8. Personally, I usually work on a linux terminal, but the linux terminal is usually utf-8. So, if I check the contents of the html file encoed by eucKR in this environment, I can see that Hangul(korean character) is broken. [If euc-kr  encoded file is… Read More »

wpa_supplicant build/compile on Ubuntu

When you are studying IEEE802.11, Wi-Fi on linux, you often need to look at the wpa_supplicant code. To study wpa_supplicant, you have to insert log into wpa_supplicant code, change the contents of the code, and try a lot. To do this, you must ensure that your code is working properly when you build the base… Read More »

Terminator, Linux multi-split terminal

When you use Ubuntu, basically, the following basic terminal program is included. As it is a basic terminal, it is faithful to basic, but there is one inconvenience. When you open multiple terminals, the previously opened terminals are hidden from the back. So what I found is a program called a terminator. If you… Read More »

Linux / Ubuntu, Make CD / DVD ISO

You do not need Linux to make a CD / DVD to ISO. However, in order to create it on Windows, you have to install programs that you have not heard easily such as BurnAware, ISOMaker and IMGBurn. When I installed these programs, I did not know what to leave on my Windows, so I… Read More »