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Linux – iconv – Change File Encoding

When parsing HTML, the HTML(korean site) may be euc-kr or utf-8. Personally, I usually work on a linux terminal, but the linux terminal is usually utf-8. So, if I check the contents of the html file encoed by eucKR in this environment, I can see that Hangul(korean character) is broken. [If euc-kr  encoded file is… Read More »

wpa_supplicant build/compile on Ubuntu

When you are studying IEEE802.11, Wi-Fi on linux, you often need to look at the wpa_supplicant code. To study wpa_supplicant, you have to insert log into wpa_supplicant code, change the contents of the code, and try a lot. To do this, you must ensure that your code is working properly when you build the base… Read More »

OpenWrt, building the package part.

[OpenWrt, Create customized full Image] If you have done a full build once with reference to the above article, you will be able to build a partial package and install only the packages created by that build. In other words, the entire build is not necessary when you modify something, so it can be confirmed quickly.… Read More »

Terminator, Linux multi-split terminal

When you use Ubuntu, basically, the following basic terminal program is included. As it is a basic terminal, it is faithful to basic, but there is one inconvenience. When you open multiple terminals, the previously opened terminals are hidden from the back. So what I found is a program called a terminator. If you… Read More »

Linux / Ubuntu, Make CD / DVD ISO

You do not need Linux to make a CD / DVD to ISO. However, in order to create it on Windows, you have to install programs that you have not heard easily such as BurnAware, ISOMaker and IMGBurn. When I installed these programs, I did not know what to leave on my Windows, so I… Read More »