Terminator, Linux multi-split terminal

By | December 27, 2016

When you use Ubuntu, basically, the following basic terminal program is included.

As it is a basic terminal, it is faithful to basic, but there is one inconvenience. When you open multiple terminals, the previously opened terminals are hidden from the back.

So what I found is a program called a terminator.


If you use a terminator, you can use the following without hiding the previous window.
Vertical / horizontal user can freely divide.

Installation is as follows. (Root privilege required)

# apt-get install terminator

Fedora / RHEL
# yum install terminator

# conary update terminator

# zypper install terminator

# urpmi terminator


Shortcuts are also possible, but there are many kinds, so I tried to list only those that I use often.

Ctrl + Shift + O
Horizontal split based on current Focus

Ctrl + Shift + E
Vertical split based on current Focus

Alt + Up
Move focus to upper window with current focus

Alt + Down
Move focus to bottom window based on current focus

Alt + Left
Move focus to left window based on current focus

Alt + Right
Move focus to right window based on current focus


Unless you connect linux via ssh or telnet, you should install and start the terminator unconditionally. It is a useful program than I thought.


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