Linux / Ubuntu, Make CD / DVD ISO

By | December 26, 2016

You do not need Linux to make a CD / DVD to ISO. However, in order to create it on Windows, you have to install programs that you have not heard easily such as BurnAware, ISOMaker and IMGBurn. When I installed these programs, I did not know what to leave on my Windows, so I converted the CD / DVD to ISO on Ubuntu, which I had installed with VirtualBox. At least on Linux, you do not need to install a separate program because you can do it with basic commands.
Goal: Making a (bootable) CD / DVD ISO

1. Locating the CD / DVD

Because it may vary from system to system, check where the current CD / DVD is located on the file system.
# lshw -c disk

You can see that the location of the cdrom on the file system is /dev/cdrom, just like the red line above.
2. Based on the location of the identified cdrom, the following command will start extracting iso immediately.
# dd if=[cdrom location] of=[location to save extracted iso] bs=2k

The command executed based on the above command form is as follows.
# dd if=/dev/cdrom of=~/MyDVD.iso bs=2k

After inputting the command above, it may seem like it has stopped for a while, but it is actually extracting and you can wait until it is finished.

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