[Review] Crucial MX300 750GB SATA 2.5 Inch SSD (CT750MX300SSD1)

By | December 16, 2016

It took me a while, but I bought a SSD in amazon at black friday. At the time, the SSD with a 750GB price was very cheap at $ 99.99. Now I bought it for $ 169.99 at a satisfactory price.

In fact, I’ve been buying SSDs many times, but I used to buy Intel or Samsung SSDs every time. In fact, it was a little expensive, but it was known to be somewhat stable. Of course, I was satisfied while using it.

If all the other conditions were the same, I bought Intel or Samsung SSD as before, but the Crucial SSD was too cheap. It was too cheap for large capacity.

Crucial MX300 750GB SATA 2.5 Inch SSD (CT750MX300SSD1)

The first meeting with Crucial SSD was started.

Although the purchased Crucial SSD is TLC, it is still too cheap

Difference between MLC and TLC

Among Samsung SSD products, there are PRO series and EVO series. PRO differs from MLC (Multi Level Cell) and EVO uses TLC (Triple Level Cell). In case of MLC, the number of bits per cell is 2, and in case of TLC, the number of bits per cell is 3. SLC (Single Level Cell, 1 bit) products are also available, but they are not common and are excluded from the comparison.

MLC (2 bits): Two bits can be displayed in one cell, so a total of four states can be expressed.
TLC (3 bits): 3 bits can be displayed in one cell to represent a total of 8 states.
TLC is less expensive than MLC because of its ability to express more than one bit in one cell, but performance is known to be somewhat lower.

I used both MLC and TLC before, but there was a difference in the performance measurement tool and the difference in value. Frankly, I personally did not feel a big difference. Crucial MX300 750GB (CT750MX300SSD1)

I did not notice any performance deterioration when I got it.
It seems to have been good after a long time.

It is used when there is a gap where the size and size of the fitting are not appropriate.


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